Dear Ones, what is it that you seek, are you looking for some kind of redemption for an afterlife teeming with the shining rays of the light-filled life you want, that reflects a deep desire to change what you have here on this earth plane in your bodily existence. Shatter that illusion of heaven being seperate from this realm for you will ever grasp and reach for some other enlightened realm that always seems to remain on the top-shelf, forbidden and some how censored from full frontal bliss, ecstasy and joy!

When you know that this place called heaven, the pillars of the enlightened temple that might enfold you, can be found a stones throw away from your “now moment” in this life, you can turn around and see it with those 3D eyes, if you really wish and desire such things. So take that stone from off the ground and make a deep and meaningful wish for the life you want to lead, and perhaps with earnest but not too much fervour lest you land the stone in someone elses dreams, merely plant it in your garden and should you seek to tend these dreams contained within the stone, may they grow into your own Garden of Eden.

Sow and you shall reap, they once wrote, and so it is, that the deeds, thoughts and actions that you plant in this life will reflect back at you the efforts of your tenure. For if you grow weary with anger and resentment at your fellow humans, who after all each seek their own freedom and expansion, really you will find your garden does not grow with blooms and bright blossoms of delight but merely reflects your fright with tangling weeds that hold you in place and blind you from the light with their shady leaves and thorny sides. It’s never too late to dig deep again and find a place to plant a new life, one that you can love and care for, so that it might bless you with a rose one day.

Andrew David Clare, channeled, 20/01/2020

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