Shamanic Healing & Sound Activation

Shamanic Healing

Authentic Shamanic Healing, held in medicine space with the Four Elements, with intent to restore balance and harmony within you.

Sound Activation

Would you like to experience transmissions, tones, frequencies and light language to transmute blocks allowing space for more light.

Remote Healing

Book Remote Healing and Personal Soul Readings wherever you are in the world. Written reports and recordings delivered via email or Whatsapp.

Energy Work

Receive powerful energy work to help you embody all-that-you-are, offering a grounded and expansive experience, relating to you as you are in the present moment

Dive into deeper soul resonance, alignment, healing, clearing and assistance working with all aspects of self. Begin to integrate and master your own inner consciousness.

Sound Activation

Sound Activation is advanced sound healing that works through vibrational transfer at the physical and subtle energetic body levels via tranmission of channeled song and manta.

Experience waves of energy that interact with the multiple, interconnected aspects of your being (energy bodies and chakras) for healing, activation and awakening of your true self.

Who am I?

Meet Andrew, a shamanic healer who can sing or chant specific tones and frequencies that penetrate into the body to aid release of emotional wounds, energy blocks and trauma.

Andrew works in an intentional ecstatic trance state to tap into streams of consciousness, ancient songs and soul memories to create energetic shifts within the body’s template.


Receive powerful energy work to help you embody all-that-you-are.


1 to 1 Healing Sessions and Level 3 Certification.

Shamanic Reiki Cert.
levels 1-3

Learn to open to authentic healing abilities through personal chakra attunement and encoding with Reiki Symbols + Shamanic Activations.


Experience waves of energy that interact with the multiple, interconnected aspects of your being.


1 to 1 Therapies and Nature Based Healing in Cornwall.


Would you like to experience a collective Shamanic Sound Bath?
Coming Soon to Ponsanooth Village Hall, Cornwall. Please register your interest in advance via the Contact Form or Email. 

Shamanic Sound Bath

A unique experience to be held collectively as we journey through a spirit led intuitive healing process using my drum, voice and other instruments. A Shamanic Sound Bath creates deep resonant frequencies that harmonise with the collective energy field in an empathic, intuitive way that allows an attunement and energy shifting process to bring our energies into peace and harmony.


Please contact Heart Song Spirit, so that you can discuss your needs or ask any questions about Shamanic Healing, Sound Activation, or anything else.


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