Feb 25th - Ponsanooth Hall - 1.30pm
"Beautiful and expressive transmission of healing and power.
Put a huge smile on my face for hours and a sense of wholeness
and purpose to my life situation" - Zena


Remember who you are

My mission is to help connect people with their higher selves and step into their full potential with the help of channeled sound and shamanic practices.

I work in an intentional ecstatic trance state to tap into streams of consciousness, ancient songs and soul memories to create a held space for you to journey deep within.

Sound Journeys

Divine sound medicine with sacred song, chants and overtoning.

Shamanic Healing

Restore your connection to self and release what no longer serves.

Remote Healing

Book healing sessions and readings anywhere in the world.

Restore sacred harmony and balance

Begin to live a more abundant life, invoke a powerful and transformative practice to help you find more purpose and clarity.

Dive deeply into self discovery and energy balance techniques through use of sound. Help with healing, clearing and embodying all aspects of self. Begin to integrate and master your true self.

© Susan Seddon Boulet

Deep Resonant Frequencies

A unique experience to be held in sacred medicine space as we journey through a spirit led intuitive healing process using my drum, voice and other instruments.

Sacred Sound Journeys create deep resonant frequencies that harmonise with the collective energy field in an empathic, intuitive way that allows an attunement and energy shifting process to bring our energies into peace and harmony.