'warm hugs of multidimensional light and love'


Over 20 years experience as a spiritual channel and practioner.

My mission is to help connect people with their higher selves and step into their full potential with the help of divine sound medicine and shamanic practices.

I work in an intentional ecstatic trance state to tap into streams of consciousness, ancient songs and soul memories to create energetic shifts within the body's template.

Drumming at Kennall Vale, Cornwall

Sacred Sound

Divine sound medicine with tones, chants and overtoning.


Creating sacred space with your ancestors and spirit guides.

Remote Healing

Book healing sessions and readings anywhere in the world.

© Susan Seddon Boulet

Deep Resonant Frequencies

A unique experience to be held in sacred medicine space as we journey through a spirit led intuitive healing process using my drum, voice and other instruments.

Sacred Sound Journeys create deep resonant frequencies that harmonise with the collective energy field in an empathic, intuitive way that allows an attunement and energy shifting process to bring our energies into peace and harmony.

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