Shamanic Sound Journey

An immersive sound journey combined with advanced sound healing frequencies, to raise your vibration and connect with Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

Inner Activation utilising medicine songs and vocal sound frequencies, combined with Spirit Drum, Shruti and Flute; to align or attune all levels of your Being, bringing you into vibrational harmony, allowing you space to connect and operate at embody deeper levels of awareness.

The Sound Healing Frequencies are channelled in sacred medicine space to guide you through a very dynamic and active journey within, to help you root into your body and to  dissolve blocks and release issues and traumas from the past and present.

Remember who you are..

As the egoic beliefs and fears of the mind begin to heal and unravel, all that is left is awareness in its place. When a person begins residing in this pure awareness we can also say they are operating from the soul rather than the mind.

When the soul is in the driving seat, you can be assured that life becomes easier and effortless. The path of least resistance begins to present itself because we no longer operate from the self doubt or insecurity of the ego.

Fear and survival based decisions fall away to make room for a much higher consciousness to become our life’s operating system, which places us in direct alignment with our soul’s deepest purpose and most fulfilling destiny. Synchronicites and miracles become a natural way of life. 

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