Wild Sound Journey

An immersive Wild Sound Journey combined with advanced sound healing frequencies, to raise your vibration and connect with Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

An Outdoor Experience

Held in a Sacred Space in Nature, you will be led on a guided walk to a Power Spot within a woodland or by a river to experience the Wild Sound Journey.
Inner Activation utilising medicine songs and vocal sound frequencies, combined with Spirit Drum, Shruti and Flute; to align or attune all levels of your Being, bringing you into vibrational harmony, allowing you space to connect and operate at embody deeper levels of awareness.

Connect with your own Wild Sounds

The Sound Healing Frequencies are channelled from Spirit to guide you through a very dynamic and active journey within, to help you root into your body and to  dissolve blocks and release issues and traumas from the past and present. Feel free to move within the space and connect with your own Wild Sounds.

Divine Sound Medicine