About Me

I have become a Spirit initiated Shamanic Healer and I work with Animal Spirits, Human Spirits, Elementals and Star Beings. This is a simple definition based on a Upper, Middle and Lower world view of the universe contained in Core Shamanism, however the reality is a much more multidimensional experience of oneness, with the body being a hollow bone for Spirit to express itself. 

I view us as all one collective Spirit experiencing multidimensional reality in our seperate bodies whilst we are receptive vehicles of conscious reality, able to tap into streams of consciousness, memories, information, inspiration, creativity and sound.

I come from a family of mediums and was raised in a spiritual tradition of connection to Spirit from the age of 5, which led to sitting for trance and training as a trance channel. I had no idea this would lead to becoming a Shamanic Healer, which has become my purpose after many years of learning to open and channel with my body and voice. 

Shaman or Shamanic Healer?

I don’t find it necessary to call myself a Shaman and prefer the term Shamanic Healer because a Shaman is considered a more traditional cultural role within a tribe or village who performs community healing and ritual tasks. I do follow a path of walking between worlds. Sometimes I do like to connect out to the universe and visualise other worlds via shamanic  journey but the magic happens when I drum, sing and dance, fall into a trance and let Spirit move through me to do what is intended for healing.

Reiki, Sound & Shamanism

I started by practicing Reiki on people over 12 years ago and I began to tone and sing over my clients. Slowly over time the range and depth of my voice began to open to channel varied sounds. These days, I will sit and ask my guides/higher self to step close and we practice sounds for 1-2 hours at a time. These sessions act like a download of vocal cord attunements, throat and tongue positions, nasal sounds and overtones. 

Eventually a  number of sacred songs and sounds just flow through me and then muscle memory eventually takes hold. The vibrations have been embodied so I can then transmit them at my own discretion for healing and attunement of myself and others. 

More information coming soon about my guides, spirit animals, channeling plus shamanic instruments such as drum, flute, shruti, rattle and how I learned these. 

Andrew by the Sea

Reiki Massage with a Client