About Me

Andrew is a Spirit initiated Shamanic Healer, working with Animal Spirits, Elementals and Ancestral Guides. He was born into a family of mediums and was raised in a spiritual tradition of connection to Spirit from the age of 5, which led to sitting for trance and training as a trance channel. I had no idea this would lead to becoming a Shamanic Healer, which has become my purpose after many years of learning to open and channel with my body and voice. 

Shamanic Healer

I don’t find it necessary to call myself a Shaman and prefer the term Shamanic Practioner because a Shaman is considered a more traditional cultural role within a tribe or village who performs community healing and ritual tasks. I do follow a path of walking between worlds. Sometimes I do like to connect out to the universe and visualise other worlds via shamanic journeying but the magic happens when I drum, sing and dance, fall into a trance and let Spirit move through me to do what is intended for healing.

To gain certification I completed Shamanic Training with Howard Malpas at the Warrior in the Heart Foundation. I also hold public indemnity insurance and certificates in Sound Healing, Shiatsu and Reiki. 

Sound & Shamanism

I started by practicing Reiki on people over 14 years ago and I began to tone and sing over my clients. Slowly over time the range and depth of my voice began to open to channel varied sounds. These days, I will sit and ask my guides/higher self to step close and we practice sounds for 1-2 hours at a time. These sessions act like a download of vocal cord attunements, throat and tongue positions, nasal sounds and overtones. 

Eventually a  number of sacred songs and sounds just flow through me and then muscle memory eventually takes hold. The vibrations have been embodied so I can then transmit them at my own discretion for healing and attunement of myself and others. 

Andrew by the Sea

Shamanic Healing Smoke procedure

Smudging with Sage