Shamanic Soul Reading

Ask my guides any 3 questions. Direct spirit channeling, giving advice and guidance of a philosophical nature, to help with your life situation.

Andrew is an authentic shamanic channel for spirit with 30 years experience of spiritualism and mediumship, from a family of mediums.

He will connect to spirit and channel fluently and accurately with spirit guides to deliver messages and guidance to you, giving life advice and information of a philosophical nature, to help with your life situation.

This is very unique and rare opportunity to hear real spirit guidance, spoken with clarity and accuracy, with the medium's mind out of the way. The recording will reflect the many years of practice, training and spiritual development the medium as gone through to be a refined instrument for spirit.

Ask Questions

Questions can be about most topics such as love, the universe, planet earth, spiritual growth, other dimensions, esoteric teachings. Just ask me!

Andrew will answer 3 questions and record them to mp3. Just pick a date and time that you want him to tune in for the recording.

The time is just a remote slot which you do not need to attend.


Shamanism is both a spiritual practice and a relationship-based practice of making changes in non-ordinary reality to positively affect our every-day-lives. The intention is to restore inner harmony due to trauma, shock, illness and abuse. Practitioners also seek to bring harmony between the individual and other people, places and objects, by resolving all relationship ties in the physical realm and the spiritual realms, across all timelines

Life Guidance

Esoteric Teachings