Soothing sounds surround

Sending waves of electricity through my mind
The air of beauty captured in the still layers of light
Blend with the earth in a cascade of colour

Tip-toeing along I sit and breath with synchronicity
Caught in many moments of simple thought
I am aware of the presence standing tall and proud
Brothers of the earth who wave at me
And whisper tales of a life before
Of existence with simplicity

Like a spectral form of shimmering splendour
The scales of life shine out to me in tender adoration
A symphony of water drops falling from frozen fingers
A touch of scattered arms reaching out to caress the breeze

The song is formed like a wordless choir
Collecting in a crescendo of love and light
The notes of God’s creation fall to the ground
And plant themselves as seeds

The instrument of divine inspiration is a mystery
For all eyes to look upon and watch
As new thought forms fill the earth
With all their splendid beauty