Shamanic Healing & Sound Activation

Soul Retrieval +
3 page report

A remote healing session to assist the embodiment of your whole self by returning 5 soul parts. Please select a date and time that suits you.

Soul Retrieval

A Shamanic Healing methodology to return energies that have been lost. This includes soul retrieval to assist embodiment of your whole-self by returning lost soul parts, or integrating aspect of yourself that may have left the physical body, or be hidden within the emotional body or the psyche.

Integration of Energy can occur when an individual wishes to be supported by such work; where there is space held, with time and intention, for the integration and processing that an individual must do to complete the healing process.

About this Remote Healing Session

You are booking a remote healing session and you will receive a detailed written report when the session is complete describing the 5 soul parts that were returned (3-4 pages approx). To do this the Shamanic Practitioner will create a remote medicine circle to hold you in ceremonial space and connect to you, calling in your guides and ancestors to assist with the soul retrieval. In person bookings available here.

Please prepare for this online remote healing session by lighting candles and burning incense to clear the space and prepare a relaxing setting for yourself to allow the Practitioner to connect with you in a deep and authentic way.

How a Soul Retrieval Begins

I call in my guides and healing ancestors to assist [you] with this Soul Retrieval session, to help you with your intention to restore lost soul parts, to restore all personal power, and help you regain knowledge and wisdom to restore your boundaries and prevent all intrusion and attachments from effecting your body, mind and spirit.

Aligning [you] with the light and your starseed ancestry so that you can rise above anything of a lower density which seeks to effect you.

Connecting to medicine space in the four directions, the element of earth to ground and transmute, the element of water to cleanse and restore, the element of air to connect upwards to spirit, the element of fire to burn through all obstacles and barriers. I create a protective shield around us both of divine light guided by the highest healing resonance.

Soul Parts 1-5: You will receive a detailed desciption of each journey to receive a soul part, including your age and appearance, with help integrating any trauma or events that occured at that time.

Blessings from Heart Song Spirit. Please select a date using the calendar above. Alternatively contact meĀ here.