Reiki Massage

An energy massage using Shiatsu techniques that helps us relate deeply through touch and movement to bring balance into the body.

Reiki Massage combines Masunaga Shiatsu techniques with the healing art of Reiki. Sometimes Sound Healing is also used to direct tones into the body at 

itself is an ancient form of massage based on Chinese acupuncture theory that often includes the use of breathing and stretching. It can be done through the clothes or on bare skin and uses pressure on the acupuncture points and meridian system.  Techiques can vary from light holding to deep physical pressure applied with the palm of the hand, fingers or thumb. 

Masunaga developed a system of shiatsu that shifted the focus from a rigid TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach to a more interactive and dynamic way of working, giving the practitioner the prospect of adventuring into the realms of energy with an approach that is both practice based and intellectual, and in which meridians are no longer considered as fixed energy channels but rather as dynamic pathways of life expression that, when flowing with ki correctly, determine the wellbeing of the client. 

Meridians: In particular, he affirmed that meridians have a variable nature and depth: how they will manifest depends both on the treatment given and on the nature of the interaction between practitioner and receiver. This lends itself to an intuitive approach that can incorporate Reiki, Sound Healing and other massage techniques.  

Andrew at Heart Song Spirit holds certificates in Shiatsu Body Massage and Usui Reiki.